We’ve officially hit 4,000 FOLLOWERS! Granted we’re at 4,013 right now as I’m typing this out but thank you so much! My initial goal was 50-100 followers and that number has surpassed that.

It makes me smile knowing that there’s a lot of fans out there (including me) who enjoy seeing what the characters/cast wear, plus a trip down memory lane when I randomly post things from past seasons.

Also, I hope everyone enjoyed ONCE’s mid season finale! West coasters, be AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID because you will feel things! For those who missed my rambles/live blogging during the episode, check out my personal blog at http://impressionism.tumblr.com :)

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  4. xonceinadream said: I remember when this tumblr hit 100. x.x I love it though. I’m so glad you’re doing it. It’s one of my favorite tumblr blogs. ♥
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