Another “new” outtake from the Entertainment Weekly from 2012.

A “recently released” outtake from the ONCE photoshoot for Entertainment Weekly of 2012.

Sonequa attended iHeart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas, NV (Sept. 19th.)

Elizabeth and Georgina for TV Guide cover shoot!

Rose attended the premiere of Dawn (Sept. 19th) in Los Angeles, CA.; she directed said film.

Jamie, along with model Coco Rocha, at the premiere of On the Road with Origins in New York City (Sept. 15th).

From Lana’s Instagram, herself on set of ONCE from season two. That’s A LOT of dress.

Elizabeth and Georgina inside the Sept. issue of TV Guide.

From TV Guide’s Instagram, the two ladies of Frozen posing for the cover.

Elizabeth and Georgina on the cover of TV Guide Sept. Issue for Season 4!